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Format: Fearture 117 min.

Director: Manuel Martín Cuenca

Script: Alejandro Hernández, Manuel Martín Cuenca. Based on the novel by Humberto Arenal.

Producers: Manuel Martín Cuenca, Fernando Bovaira, Simón De Santiago, Alejandro Hernández.

Production houses: La Loma Blanca PC, Mod Productions, Libra Film, CTB Film Company CTD, Luminor.

Cast: Antonio de la Torre, Olimpia Melinte, María Alfonsa Rosso, Florin Fildan, Manolo Solo.


Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada. A respectable man. His life is work and eating. But not anything. Carlos is Cannibal. It feeds on women. Tourists, outsiders, strangers with whom he has no emotional bond. But all that changes the day he meets Nina, a young Romanian who desperately searches for her twin sister, disappeared days ago. The sister's name is Alexandra, she worked as a massage therapist ... and was a neighbor of Carlos. Nina is desperate and needs help. Carlos is his only hope.

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