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Format: TV  Show13X65 min

Director: Joaquín Mazón, Mar Olid, Adolfo Valor.

Script: Germán Aparicio, Cristóbal Garrido, Josep Gatell, Adolfo Valor, Jaime Pineda, Francisco Arnal, Carlos García Miranda and María Miranda.

Producers:  Fernando Bovaira,, Simón De Santiago, Pedro García Caja, Cristóbal Garrido, Nacho Manubens, Sonia Martínez, Joaquín Mazón, Adolfo Valor.

Production houses:  Atresmedia Televisión, Mod Productions.

Cast:  Cristina Castaño, Cinco Rodriguez, 

Adriana Torrebejano, Octavi Pujadas, Álvaro Fontalba, María Botto, Joaquín Reyes.


Since the government approved its creation during the transition, a secret group of special operations formed by members of different comunities protects the country without anyone knowing of its existence. Given the successe of this unique Elite Corps -although it is hard to beleive- the Intirior Minister decides to expand the project and sets up a new unit. A mossa, a Jesuit Ertzaintza, a green beret, a tedax and a thief posing as a police officer should park their differences and solve impossible missions together. The best boy in the world arrives, worse than ever.

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