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Format: TV Show 13X65 min.

Director: Mariano Barroso

Script: Mariano Barroso, Alejandro Hernández, Ignacio Martínez Pisón.

Producers: Fernando Bovaira, Fran Araújo, Ismael Calleja, Domingo Corral, Susana Herreras, Guillem Vidal Folch.

Production houses: Mod Productions, Movistar +

Cast: Oriol Pla, Aura Garrido, Jesús Carroza, Pep Cruz, Xavi Sáez.


Justo Gil, a restless young man, full of ambition, arrives as just another immigrant  to the prosperous and promising Barcelona of the 60´s. An oasis of freedom, possibilities and future in the middle of Franco’s wasteland. All of his illusions will be cut short when he is forced to adapt a double life: he will become one of the most important allies of the Social-Political brigade of the police.

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