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Poster_El otro hermano 70x100.png

Format: Feature 113 min.

Director: Israel Adrián Caetano

Script: Israel Adrián Caetano, Nora Mazzitelli

Producers: Natacha Cervi, Hernán Musaluppi

Diego Robino Picón, Santiago López 

Simón de Santiago,  Fernando Bovaira, Laurent Lavolé, Federico Fischer.

Production houses:  Mod Productions, Rizoma

Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Daniel Hendler, Erasmo Oliveira, Déborah Vidret, Estanislao Arpone Guillermo Jacubowicz.


Cetarti, a former public employee who has just been fired, travels from Buenos Aires to a lonely town in the province of Chaco where he must take care of the bodies of his mother and brother who have been killed. But what really mobilizes him is the possibility of charging a modest life insurance to be able to move to Brazil. There he meets Duarte, a sort of town lord with whom he stablishes a strange society to manage and collect that money. However, nothing will be so simple, in that place with no law, where nothing is as it seems, Certati will be involved in the dark business of Duarte, until reaching an outcome as surprising as inevitable

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