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Format: Feature 107 min.

Director: Roberto Bueso

Script: Roberto Bueso

Producer: Fernando Bovaira

Production houses: Misent Producciones, Mod Producciones

Cast: Gonzalo Fernández, Charlotte Vega, Pepo Llopis, Xavi Giner, Hugo Rubert, Imma Sancho y Enric Benavent.


Edu is a young musician who lives a lonely and monotonous life in the cold and rainy city of London. For the last two years, he has kept himself away from his family and friends, but his brother’s wedding forces him to go back to Spain.

Edu’s return makes him feel both strange and nostalgic. He reunites with his parents as well as with his brother, someone with whom he never had much in common but who now seems determined to build up a renewed fraternal relationship.  He also meets again with his friends, Juanma, Farinós and Bighead, looking forward to resuming the things they used to do. But things have changed and they cannot be those four unconcerned teenagers anymore. Now, life is not that simple… Specially for Juanma, whose mother is seriously ill.

But nothing represents better his return to his past than Alicia. Juanma’s girlfriend seems to be going through a tough moment in her relationship and her reunion with Edu brings back some very special feelings and memories. Without Juanma’s knowledge, Edu begins to get nearer to Alicia, awakening emotions that he thought were gone for good.

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