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Format: Feature 115 min.

Director: Sebastián  Borensztein

Script: Sebastián  Borensztein and Eduardo Sacheri. Based on the novel by Eduardo Sacheri.

Producers: Hugo Sigman, Matías Mosteirín,   Leticia Cristi, Ricardo Darín, Chino Darín,

Federico Posternak, Fernando Bovaira, Simón   de Santiago.

Co-producer: Axel Kuschevatzky

Production Houses: K&S Films, Kenya, 

MOD Productions

Cast: Ricardo Darín, Chino Darín, Luis Brandoni, 

Carlos Belloso, Daniel Araoz, Verónica Llinás,

Andrés Parra


Argentina, December 2001. In a small town, a group of friends and neighbors raise money in order to reactivate an agricultural cooperative. While they think that they lost their money because of the collapse of the banking system, they find out that they have been scamed by an unscrupulous lawyer  and the bank manager. Assuming the situation, this group of neighbors decides to orgsanize and put together a detailed plan with the aim of recovering what belongs to them.

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