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Format: Feature 90 min.

Director: Fernando Colomo

Script:  Fernando Colomo, Yolanda García Serrano, Joaquín Oristrell.

Producers: Fernando Bovaira, Simón De Santiago, Mercedes Gamero, Mikel Lejarza.

Production houses:  Mod Productions, Atresmedia Cine, Movistar +.

Cast:  Paco León, Carmen Machi, Maribel del Pino, Maria José Sarrate, Arlette Torres, Maite Sandoval, Marisol Aznar, Luis Bermejo.


Virginia, a hotel employee and vacational streetdancer, recovers her son she gave up for adoption: an executive  who has lost everything, including memory. After a lifetime away, the arrival of the memoryless Fydel will turn upside down the life of Virginia and her friends from the dance school. Mother and son will discover that despite of coming from such different worlds, there is something that unites them. Their keep the rhythm in their blood.

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