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Format: Documentary feature 95 min.

Director: Carlos Agulló

Script: Carlos Agulló

Producers: Fernando Bovaira, Simón De Santiago.

Production houses: Mod Productions.


By following the daily work of Dr Pablo Iglesias, we will come to see the world of palliative care: a lesson about life and death that we will attend hand in hand with his patients, through their doubts and convictions, through their hopes and fears. Pablo will have to releive their physical pain, but will also accompany them through that emotional and spiritual journey that end of life entails.

The conversations between patients and relatives, veteran doctors and residents, nurses, psychologists and spiritual guides will enable us to accept death as a natural and essential part of life. As Pablo himself says, "Without death, life is less interesting. To become aware of death gives meaning to our relations with the world"

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