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Stolen Children.jpg

Format: TV Show 2X85 min

Director: Salvador Calvo

Script:  Helena Medina

Producers: Pepa Sanchez Biezma , Fernando Bovaira, Guillem Vidal Folch.

Production houses:  Mediaset España, Mod Productions.

Cast: Adriana Ugarte, Alicia Borrachero, Eduard Farelo, Macarena García, Nadia De Santiago, Diego Martín.


In the ‘70s, two young women are forced to face their pregnancy alone. One of them, Violeta spends the last months of gestation in a madrilian regilious shelter, meanwhile the other, Conchita, lives temporaly in a foundling home run by a high-class woman from Bilbao. Once finished the gestation period, both will end up giving birth in the same clinic where, in different circumstances, they will lose their babies in the moment of labour.

This tradegy inevitably marks their lives, that pass separately until, years after, Susana, a young woman in search of her identity, knocks at Conchita’s door. This fact will be the starting point of a life journey that will reveal what did really happen the fateful day when Violeta and Conchita gave birth to their babies and it will return both women the hope they believed was lost.

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