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Format: Feature film 109 min.

Director: Roberto Bueso

Screenplay: Roberto Bueso and Oscar Diaz  

Producer: Fernando Bovaira and Guillem Vidal Folch Executive producer: Isabel Salanueva Ruiz.

Production company: Misent Producciones, Mod Producciones and  The Nun Productions AIE.

Cast: Carmen Machi, Paula Usero, Anis Doroftei, Pablo Chiapella, Manolo Solo and Nuria González.


Marina, a very unusual nun, arrives in the summer of 1994 at El Parral, a school threatened with closure. Despite the fact that the interns, boys without families, receive her with a thousand pranks, Marina has an idea that will change everything: form a soccer team. With the help of two nuns: Angelines, innocent and fragile, and Tatiana, brutish and kind, he will create something like a real family. Years later, Valdo, one of the boys, will make his debut in the Real Madrid first team.

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