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Format: Feature 99 min.

Director: Carlos Therón.

Script: Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor

Producers: Ghislain Barrois, Álvaro Augustin, Fernando Bovaira and Urko Errazquin.

Production houses: Telecinco Cinema y Mod Productions with participation of Mediaset España and Movistar +

Cast: David Verdaguer, Ernesto Sevilla, Carlos Santos, Cristina Castaño, Miren Ibarguren and Amaia Salamanca.


Childhood friends Pedro, Arturo and Eligio were model university professors, but the recession left them without their precious job. However, life has taught them to be as persistent as naïve, and they soon find a solution: use their studies and virtues to create a pill that makes people high without side effects. That’s when things will start to get better, but eventually they will find themselves forced into the night-life: something that’s definitely not for them.


But no problem: they can quit whenever they want.

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